The Real Magic Behind Amazon’s Prime Day

Each July for the past several years, Amazon has set a new single day sales record during Prime Day. This …

Each July for the past several years, Amazon has set a new single day sales record during Prime Day. This year was no different, with more than 53 million consumers placing an order on July 11, and the e-commerce giant raked in nearly $3 billion.

What’s truly remarkable about ‘Prime Day’, is that it is a completely made-up event. What’s the reason behind Prime Day? To generate sales. The brilliance of the event is that Amazon has been able to take what is traditionally a slow month for both retail and e-commerce and manufacture a sales event to boost their bottom line.

Consumers flock to the platform for deals and savings, and while there are some significant deals, many articles have shown that the value of deals available on Prime Day are not always that great. So what gives? Why do Amazon’s customers spend so much on Prime Day?

Influence. That’s the real magic of Prime Day. Amazon uses the clout they have — the trust it has built with its massive customer base, to convince them that Prime Day is a can’t miss event. This year, they started advertising a month ahead of time and rolled out all the stops. The home page had a countdown to Prime Day, and a record number of 3rd party sellers also participated in the day-long discounting. Amazon used its influence to drive traffic and sales for a made up holiday.

So what does this have to do with you? You too can leverage the power of influencers. Just as Amazon uses its influence to drive participation in Prime Day, you can use the influence of other people who have audiences that might be interested in your products.

Overgrowth makes this super simple with their influencer search and messaging platform. Why wait on Amazon — use influencers to create your own super successful sales day any time you want.

Kevin Rizer is the founder and host of Private Label Movement, and has built and scaled multiple 6 and 7 figure physical products brands. You can find out more by visiting

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